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Wealth Creation Is Your


How To Easily Make YOUR Business Your

Vehicle To Financial Freedom


Do you love love doing businesses?

Were you born to connect with others, negotiate, and make money by bringing goods and services to people?

Are you aware of the power of business to create wealth?

Few investment pathways offer the potential for profit than wealth creation through business. When your business is combined with asset and debt structuring, effective tax planning and business exit strategies, you leveraging opportunities are second to none.

Key to sucess

The law of balance determines that the upside often equals the magnitude of the downside which is why your business investment must be guided by a trained professional.

Catherine Smith has been operating successful businesses for over 20 years. Not only is that a significant amount of time to gain expertise in business as an operator, but in her qualified areas of accounting, taxation, business, finance and property investment, the number of businesses she has worked with over that time would be in the thousands. No matter how many tertiary qualifications Catherine has – and they are numerous – there is simply no match for hands on experience in business.

Whether you are already operating a business or intend to start a business, it is highly likely that it can be done smarter – with more ease and greater profits. Say ‘NO MORE’ to doing it the hard way and get your money to work FOR you instead of you working for it.

Wealth creation through business opens up infinite possibilities. With Catherine Smith on your team you will have a wealth of experience and expertise to achieve your goals sooner than you might think!

Wealth Creation Coaching


What does your 12 month Wholistic Wealth Through Business Package include?

Your Plan – Implement – Review Strategy Session with Catherine Smith will be face-to-face, on Skype or over the phone depending on your location and availability. Your session will range from one to three hours. It will be entirely tailored to your individual situation.
In this session Catherine will get you clear about the where you are at in relation to your goals for business and outline steps to hit the ground running.

Valued at $1,925


Draft Business Plan: A step-by-step plan outlining the viability of the business including vision, financials, marketing, human resources, competitor analysis and more.

Valued at $2,200


Business Structure and Tax Planning: Catherine will outline which business structure will best suit your situation and discuss one of the crucial features that make or break a business – tax planning.

Valued at $750


Follow Up & Review Session: Catherine wants to ensure you take action and get results. This session is all about discussing progress so far and implementing the steps necessary to maximize traction to maximize your outcomes.

Valued at $1,200


Cash Flow Forecasting Session: You have heard of the saying ‘cash flow is king’?  It’s absolutely true! In this session Catherine will guide you through the vital process of deciding where to put your money to maximise the return on your investment. Don’t leave it to chance. This session will really give you peace of mind.

Valued at $2,200


Follow Up Communication: Catherine Smith doesn’t prescribe to the ‘set and forget’ method of coaching. This package is designed to give you the support you need to achieve your business goals. As such, you can contact Catherine by phone or email during business hours to ask questions and get the education you need to make great decisions. Please note: questions are limited to 10 mins each. Complex questions requiring research will incur Catherine’s usual fees for service

If you don’t require any questions to be answered, Catherine will follow up with you monthly to ensure you are progressing nicely towards achieving your goals.


Wealth Coaching


Online Business Education Library: Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have the greater level of business success you will have. In addition to Catherine’s personal coaching in the specific area of business investment, you will also receive the following online business education resources created by Catherine. You can learn in your own time, in your own home, and at your own pace. Topics include:

  • Module 1: Starting a Business. How to start from scratch. How to buy a business. Financing a business. Cash flow planning. Acquisitions and mergers. Raising finance to get started.
  • Module 2: Business Structures – companies, trusts, partnerships, sole traders, superannuation funds. What are the pros and cons of each and which one should you use for what?
  • Module 3: Running a business: Business planning; cash flow planning; SWOT analysis; increasing profit; tax minimization strategies; raising finance.
  • Module 4: Business bookkeeping – beginners through to advanced
  • Module 5: Marketing – online and offline

Each video is approximately 45 minutes in duration and valued at $775 per module.

Total value for the Online Business Education Library $3,875.


Wealth Coaching Canberra
Business Cash Flow Forecasting: This tool provides you with a accurate cash flow forecasts based on your income and expenses – crucial information for the serious business investor.

Valued at $275


Pearls of Wisdom: You will also receive a monthly newsletter containing business, taxation and other helpful information and tips.



This Wholistic Wealth Through Business Package is valued at over $12,000


Today’s price is $6,997


or 12 monthly installments of $647

Business Coaching Canberra

Wholistic Wealth Through Business Package

  • Your Plan-Implement-Review Strategy Session
  • Draft Business Plan
  • Business Structure & Tax Planning
  • Follow Up & Review Session
  • Cash Flow Forecasting Session
  • Follow Up Communication
  • Online Business Education Library
  • Business Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Pearls of Wisdom

Catherine Smith Catherine Smith

B.A. Comm., M. Tax, N.T.A.A., Dip (FP), Dip (MB), Dip (RE), J.P.
Accredited Property Investment Advisor (PIPA), Recognised Tax Specialist, Registered Tax Agent and Public Practicing Accountant.

“I qualified as an Accountant in 1992. I recall lining up for my degree thinking to myself ‘why did I study Accounting – I would have preferred to do Psychology’. I wanted to be in a professional that involved helping people and didn’t see how crunching numbers fit in with that desire. However, I continued with study in financial areas including a Masters Degree in Taxation, a Diploma of Financial Planning, a Diploma of Finance, a Diploma of Real Estate and a Diploma of Property Advice. During this time I worked for the Australian Taxation Office as an Auditor and Fraud Investigator for 11 years before opening my own practice in 2002.

I completed extensive personal development courses including Crossroads I & II, Being Empowered through Service Training (BEST) and Beyond the Edge (BTE). I then went onto complete the Christopher Howard Academy of Wealth & Achievement which was focused on qualifying to be a Results Coach, NLP practitioner and Presenter. Combining all of the above financial and personal development courses together I guess I can be best described as a ‘Wholistic Financial Coach’. My passion is assisting clients create wealth and protect wealth for their future and future generations. This passion is displayed through my ‘Wholistic’ approach to financial advising.”