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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ballina, NSW.


I spent Easter driving from Port Macquarie, through Coffs, Ballina, Bryon and Tweed Heads.


I was following the infrastructure trail.  They are duplicating the highway from Sydney to Brisbane.  I have 2 really good articles on the affect this may have on the areas along the way.  I won’t repeat it all but email me if you would like a copy or subscribe to our Free Property Coaching Services for these articles and many more.

I don’t always follow what I read in the property rags.  But I do pay attention when areas first start getting mentioned.  These are the first two articles on this topic.  From past experience – these areas will continue to be written about until its front page news and by then it will be too late.


I thought Port Macquarie was OK but expensive and not much going for it to drive extra growth.


Coffs was OK but also expensive.


Bryon and Tweed Heads have already escalated with Byron reporting gains of 33% in one year.  These areas have already moved out of reach for the average investor unless you want an apartment which I don’t recommend. Interesting that the highway duplication was completed just before this massive price rise in Byron. Coincidence? Maybe not.


But Ballina.  It has only grown by 11% in the last 12 months.  And a 3 year growth of only 4.3.  So this last 12 months growth is showing a turn around.   I believe in investing in areas with low past growth as this gives more potential for high upcoming growth. Or reverse if I see areas that have high growth like Byron of 33% - then it’s too late - don’t buy there.


More – the highway duplication from Byron to Ballina has only just begun.  It will be complete in about 12 months.  Could Ballina show the stella growth that Byron did once the highway is complete?  I don’t have a crystal ball but in my opinion, it very possibly could.  It could do so via the ‘ripple affect’ created by the growth in Byron, and all of the Gold Coast for that matter, and also from the ‘infrastructure affect’ of making the drive from Brisbane to Ballina much easier and quicker.


It also has a very low vacancy rate and is a popular retirement destination.


There is also very little in the way of new housing development – so am undersupply not an oversupply.


Finally – Ballina is showing clear signs of gentrification.  A lot of the streets are filled with old run down houses, and scattered in between these, are blocks where the old house has been pulled down and a brand new flash house has been built.


So it’s all positive signs as far as I could tell. 

Ripple Effect – Yes

Retiree Effect – Yes

Infrastructure Effect – Yes

Low Vacancy – Yes

Gentrification Effect – Yes

Undersupply - Yes


I am trying to buy there myself.

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