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Small Business Focus group Free session

Monday, October 29, 2018

On 14th November at 9.30am at the office of WFS/RAW Accountants, David Beaumont is holding a small business FOCUS GROUP for just 6 of small business clients of WFS/RAW.
The session will run for about an hour and there is no cost for attending.

You may not know this, but David, in addition to being a CPA, is recognized as a strategic sales and marketing expert and profit optimization guru.
David says
“That in my 35 years dealing with small business, I've perfected a number of easy-to-implement, profit optimization strategies that can EASILY add more than $10,000 to $50,000 to ANY small business owners bottom line.
“There’s no trick to this! The strategies I’ll show you are fundamental to all businesses, but for some reason, very few businesses apply them.”
Would an additional $50,000 this year…and next year… and EVERY year after that help you out financially???
So, if YOU are a small business owner who wants to see an IMMEDIATE increase in both their revenue and profits this will be a real eye opener for you.
Imagine enjoying doubling or tripling your current profit and cash flow.
P.S. There will be NO fluff and NO generic content presented. Everything offered in this presentation has but ONE GOAL – to make you more money immediately!
Limited Seats for 6 business owners of WFS/RAW ONLY!
Book now to reserve your seat- CLICK TO BOOK HERE 

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