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Monday, October 29, 2018

Some tips are;

  • Check the sender's email address very carefully.  The scammers manage to use addresses very similar to the mail address of the correct agency but there is usually a digit or something else different to the legitimate sender such as, (one extra a) (one extra l).
  • Even if the address is correct – it may still be a scam.  For example, a hacker got control of one of our staff members address and sent out scam emails from her address.  So even if the address is correct but the content is not what you would expect from the sender- do not click on any links.  Call the sender to verify the legitimacy of the email first.
  • If you receive an Invoice from a source such as XERO or MYOB (or other invoicing software), even from a company that you are expecting an invoice, still be very careful.  Hackers are setting up Xero and MYOB files with a Company name, somehow getting that companies client list and sending out invoices to the clients which when the client click on the link and pays the bill – the money goes to the scammer.  So if you receive an invoice from any source – but you were not expecting an invoice – do not pay it.  Call the sender and check the legitimacy of the invoice.  Important note – if you are a business and you have an admin person paying your bills for you – remind them to always check with you personally before paying any unexpected bill.
Finally, another new one – the scammers are porting mobile phone numbers to a device they control and then logging onto your internet banking and changing the number that codes to verify transaction goes to and then helping themselves to your bank account.  This is an extremely elaborate scam and hard to believe but it happened to one of our clients.  So if your mobile phone suddenly stops ringing or receiving texts – your number may have been ported to a scammers.  Put an immediate block on all your bank accounts. 
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