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Investing in Property is a Great Tangible way to take Control of your Financial Security

Monday, May 05, 2014


When you invest in shares your money buys small piece of a company, whose board members you probably don’t know, who can use that money to make mistakes and you have no ability to control the board.

Investing in property provides far more security for investors. For one thing, your investment is ‘tangible’ you can touch it, feel it, paint it and tend to it. The fact that your investment is actual ‘bricks and mortar’ makes many people feel much safer.

Because property is tangible it is also able to be insured thus allowing investors to protect their financial security. You can insure property from fire, floods, tenant damage, rental arrears and accidental damage. Unlike stocks, property is unlikely to just disappear and if it does (such as through fire) it can be replaced using your insurance money.

Unlike investing in shares, a property investment is controlled by the investor.

The investor decides how much they pay for the property, the investor decides the rent they will charge tenants, the investor selects the tenants,  the investor decides if renovations will be made and when and how much to sell the property for.

Investing in property is a great tangible way to take control of your financial security.

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