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Private Health Insurance Rebate Entitlements

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hi all,

It has come to our attention with the start of the new tax season that many people were not aware that the private health insurance rebate is now means tested.* Generally from 2013 if your income is greater the $168,000.00 for a couple with no dependents ($84,000.00 for a single) then your only entitlement to a rebate from the government may be reduced, unlike in previous years were it was 30% across the board.  Additionally, the percentage of rebate you are entitled to reduces as income moves between the various tiers - please see table below:


Entitlement by income threshold 2012-2013.

(Australian Taxation Office)


The difference between the rebate you claimed and the rebate you received is calculated as either refundable or payable on lodgement of your return, dependant on if you over or under claimed. Please update your information with your private health insurer if you know you are claiming more rebate then you are entitled to.


The ATO have developed a helpful calculator to help you work out the rebate you are entitled to for the 2014 financial year.  Please click here to access it. The table for 2014 follows:

Entitlement by income threshold 2013-2014.


(Australian Taxation Office)


*Please note that is general information only to highlight this issue to our readers and clients. This does not constitute advice or take into account your individual circumstance.


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