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Will Australia Crash like America did?

Friday, May 30, 2014


Comparing Australia to America is like comparing Chalk and Cheese’.

As explained in earlier chapters Australia has a

  • Massive undersupply of houses
  • Record Population growth
  • Vacancy rates are at a record low.
  • Demand > Supply

In contrast America has a

  • HUGE oversupply of houses – empty streets, empty suburbs – where no-one wants to rent or buy
  • Very low population growth – if fact, American’s are deserting their own country
  • Horrendous vacancy rates
  • Supply far exceeds Demand

Australia also has different lending policies including 

  • No NINJA loans – Ninja loans are known as ‘No Income, No Job, No Assets’ No problems – here’s your loan.
  • The Amercian banks were also lending up to 110% of the value of the property. So it didn’t matter if the applicant had no deposit  - No problem – here’s your loan.
  • They gave out loans at 0% interest rate then hiked the rate up to 5% and wondered why the owners could no longer afford the loans.
  • They also have ‘Jingle Key Lending’  also known as ‘non-recourse’.  If you couldn’t afford the loan anymore, No problems, send the keys back to the bank and all will be OK.  The bank won’t chase you for anything

In Australia, on the other hand, bank requirements are much more onerous. ‘Lodoc’ loans only make up a very small % of overall lending in Australia and the banks are very careful to not go over 80% of the value of a property to a lodoc applicant.  Loan servicing ability is assessed at 2% above the current standard variable rate.  And all Australian loans (other than for SMSF’s which will be explained in later chapters) are full recourse loans.  If you default on the loan the bank will come after all of your other properties, other assets, your cars, your cash and even your husband or wife if you are lucky (just jokes).

Simply put, comparing Australia to America is like comparing chalk and cheese.

It is worth pointing out though, that America now, may be a fantastic investment opportunity for Australian’s.  You will need to read our later chapter on this issue.  It is not for the faint hearted but a great opportunity for those willing to take the plunge.

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