How to Purchase Investment Properties in Australia

Catherine Smith of Wholistic Financial Solutions is an "Accredited Advisor of the Property Investors Association of Australia".



 want to know how to buy investment properties in Australia. Who can you talk to? Who can you trust? You need independent Property Advice from an advisor that understands the property market, taxation strategies and finance structuring strategies.

You also need an independent advisor who is licensed, qualified, insured and regulated by an independent association.

Your advisor should be able to advise you, in writing;

* what you can afford to buy.

* how much it will cost you per week

* how you should buy investment property in Australia - individual, joint, company, trust, SMSF

* how you can minimise taxation

* your exit strategy

* what is your end result? i.e; where will you be in 5, 10, 15 years?

* what is your 'so that' factor?

* where are you now? where do you want to be? and what do you need to do to get there?

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How we do it?

Once you have decided the Right strategy, organised the Right finance and sought Right Tax Advice you then need to source the Right Property.

This can be an extra-ordinarily time consuming, complex and confusing process. You can do it yourself if you have ample, and I mean ample, spare time to spend hours upon hours every night and weekend researching and ensuring that you are completing your due diligence..

Once you have spent weeks or months researching and you are sure that you have located the right area of Australia in which to buy investment property, you will then need to contact all the local real estate agents, set aside a few weeks of your time, try to arrange all of these agents to show you the stock they have on hand at that time and hope you can find a property that meets your criteria during this time, otherwise you will need to re-book the trip and go again when new stock reaches the market.


What to look for in a Property Advisor?

Independence is the number one factor.

Ask them;

* Are they accredited to give Independent Property Advice??

* Do they have access to hundreds of different investment properties Australia wide?

* Ask them 'How can I be sure you are recommending the best property for ME not just the best commission for You'?

* Do they have access to all of the fast growing states of Australia?

* Are they knowledgeable about investment strategies?

* Are they experienced in property investment? Do they walk their talk?
Ask them – how many properties do you own?

Don't be afraid to interrogate them. It's your money they will be spending so you need to ensure you are 100% comfortable with their knowledge and experience when you buy investment property in Australia under their guidance.

Also ensure they have access to every other specialty field necessary to help you complete the transaction, that is;

  1. property strategists,
  2. a finance team,
  3. tax advisors,
  4. property managers,
  5. life coaches.

A really good Property Advisor is knowledgeable about most mainstream investment strategies. They have an understanding of what the client's needs are on a more personal level with regard to their goals, strategies and fears. They have the ability to "hear" the client's views and to take them and turn them into fully realized achievements.

We can give you INDEPENDENT advice on how to purchase investment properties in Australia.

Our consultants will meet with you after you have considered the 'right strategy', sorted out the 'right finance', sorted out the 'right tax advice'.

Once your 'so that factor', and your goals and how to best achieve them is clear our sales consultants will meet with you and help you decide what is the 'right property' for you!

Do you know your 'so that' factor?

If not -

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Everyone is different and has a different strategy, a different finance structure and a different tax situation. As everyone's situation is different, different properties meet different people's needs. There are some many conflicting opinions on property investment it is very difficult for the average investor to sort between the 'facts' and the 'sales talk'. As we have many different properties available from many different referral sources we are not biased towards any particular location, developer, type of property, etc.

We just want to help you find the 'Right Property' for 'You'.


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