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Wholistic Financial Coaching Pty Ltd

Corporate Authorised Representative (No 405607) of GPS Wealth Ltd

AFSL 254544 |Australian Credit Licence 254544| ABN 17 005 482 726

Who we are?

Wholistic Financial Coaching is a financial advisory firm. It is affiliated with Wholistic Financial Solutions which has been in operation for over 10 years.

We offer you a comprehensive range of financial services which include: wealth accumulation, superannuation, SMSF and retirement planning, gearing strategies, risk management, estate planning and insurance.

We have a small dynamic; very well credentialed team of planners with over 30 years combined financial planning experience.

Our Licensee is GPS Wealth Ltd an Australian Financial Services Licensee (No.254544).  

What we do?

As Wholistic Financial Coaching is not controlled by any product providers or fund managers, we are able to select the most appropriate products and solutions to your specific needs. This also gives us the ability to alter the products and services we recommend, as needed. This flexibility allows us to source specialist products that are matched to your unique circumstances.

We also specialise in the provision of advice to trustees and members of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Our education and expertise in this area enables us to advise on the structure of the SMSF, investment portfolio construction, risk management and other operational and administrative matters of the fund.

What can you expect from us?

When you choose Wholistic Financial Coaching, you engage us as your partner in providing solutions to all aspects of your financial affairs. Our approach to clients is that over time, as your personal and economic circumstances change, we will continually tailor our advice to your position at the time.

We are committed to:

  • Assisting you to create and protect wealth
  • Optimising your wealth opportunities
  • Helping you stay on track to meeting your goals
  • Maximising tax effective plans and structures
  • Keeping you informed
  • Education of clients in relevant financial matters
  • Establishing and maintaining trust
  • Providing solutions for all your financial needs
  • Providing specialist advice

What is important to us?

YOU. Paramount to Wholistic Financial Coaching is the client's peace of mind. This is the goal we set to achieve with every person we provide advice to. This comes about by taking the time to fully understand your circumstances, needs and then tailoring our solutions to meet those needs. We are committed to the ongoing education of our Financial Planners, to keep abreast of changing laws and identifying opportunities as they arise. We are committed to service. Our image and reputation are extremely important to us, and we work very hard to preserve both.

Ultimately, however, our business is about our valued relationship with you.

Members of the team include

Trudy Heins  - Managing Director WFC (Brisbane and Canberra)

Hock Liaw - Financial Planner

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning normally revolves around preparing a 'Statement of Advice' or SOA customised to your needs and goals. The Advice is then either accepted or rejected, and then reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet the client's objectives. The stages of this process are: initial consultation, financial plan preparation, implementation and ongoing review. The details of these stages are described below.

Steps in the planning process

1. Initial Consultation

The Initial consultation with a financial planner is free of cost or obligation.

It is an opportunity for the financial planner to understand your current situation, your objectives and goals, and for you to assess how Wholistic Financial Coaching can assist you. This also gives you a clearer picture of the Wholistic Financial Coaching process and the ways in which we can help you achieve your objectives.

The initial consultation includes:

  • A general discussion regarding your financial circumstances
  • Collection of important information to initiate the advice process such as:
    - assets, liabilities, income, expenses
    - asset protection needs
    - current investments
    - current structures
    - goals and objectives
    - time horizon
    - preferences and dislikes
  • completing a risk profile assessment that helps us understand your attitude towards investing
  • identification of any specific financial issues or concerns
  • discussion and agreement regarding your goals

Should you wish to move to the next level of receiving professional advice, the type and scope of plan is agreed on between you and us.

2. Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) Preparation

Wholistic Financial Coaching has a flexible approach to plan preparation: We provide written advice tailored to you. The fee, which is negotiated with you prior to preparation, is based on what your individual plan entails.

3. Implementation

Once the final details of the financial plan have been agreed upon, the next step is implementation.

This can be a complicated, time-consuming part of the process, requiring care and expertise to ensure the recommended financial strategy is put into place smoothly and efficiently.

Implementation involves the fine tuning of recommendations and calculations, the completion of all required paperwork and following through each step until it is completed.

4. Review Services

To ensure the initial strategy established in the financial plan continues to meet your needs, and to allow for your changing circumstances, ongoing review of your investment needs and progress towards your goals is essential. Wholistic Financial Coaching provides a tailored review program, specific to your situation.

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