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The Right Superannuation Strategy

For all your property investment needs

Have You ever Considered a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) but Thought?

It would be

  • Too Complicated
  • Too Expensive
  • Not the best option for you
  • Risky
  • Too Restrictive
  • Taxed too heavily

Then READ ON and be surprised:

  • What if I told you?
  • SMSF’s are simple and easy to setup and run,
  • They can be cheaper to run than your existing retail or industry funds
  • We can advise on whether it is the best option for you 
  • They can be safer than your existing retail or industry funds
  • They are completely flexible and allow you to invest in anything you choose* including Negatively Geared Investment Property
  • They are, without doubt, the lowest taxed investment vehicle you can use

As we are a small local financial firm, we can provide you with all the advice on Self Managed Super in Canberra. 

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Did you also know?

  • You can roll over all your existing Superannuation funds into a SMSF and save $1000’s in fees
  • You can use these funds to buy Investment Property within your SMSF
  • You can buy your Business Property in your SMSF
  • You can roll over your share portfolio or managed funds into your SMSF and save $1000’s in tax

And Best Of ALL – after age 60

  • All income in the fund can be TAX FREE
  • All Capital Gains in the fund can be TAX FREE
  • All income paid out to you can be TAX FREE

If you are looking for local support, Wholistic Financial Solutions - a local Canberra Accounting Firm - can help you with all your Self Managed Super Funds in Canberra and much more.

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